February 19, 2011 at 6:55 am

Bunny Face Pattern

276 BOWdacious Bunny Face Applique Design: This design comes in 4×4,5×7 and 6×10. Designs are offered in a variety of formats.

For more patterns like this, Click here to visit Peggy's pattern gallery. Cut 2 strips of homespun 2" x 24" tie bow and hot glue to bunny face.

Print the bunny ear pattern on white card stock. Cut out. Place the larger ears at the top of the bag spaced evenly apart.

Use the same pattern as before for the body and cut the arm and legs pattern as well. Attach the bunny ears to the seamed bunny face, at the marks shown on the pattern piece.

Print the Bunny Pattern on a sheet of plain paper. Comical and charming are the best ways to describe this funny bunny design.

This 18" bunny patterns includes instructions for the bunny, clothes and egg. simple, leaving you more time to spend on her expressive face and hands. Get ideas and inspiration for face painting in this photo gallery of face painting designs, such as this rabbit design.

Bunny Face & Ears (pattern below) Clean out and dry a glass jar. Remove the lid, and lay it on the piece of cloth. Use this free pattern to make beaded safety pin jewelry that looks like a rabbits face.

Get free pattern and tutorial to sew bunny sachet for the Rabbit year. Print and cut out the Bunny Face Pattern.

This listing is for a bunny face applique machine embroidery design. The Bunny Rabbit Face Painting is one of the most popular designs face painters get asked for. This is how I do mine.

Easter Bunny Face Applique Embroidery Design. Place the Best Bunny pattern piece on top of the fabric so that the printed face is at the top. Trace and cut out your fabric, then repeat for second piece of fabric.

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