April 26, 2011 at 3:54 am

Patterns Of Camouflage

Camo Patterns All of the patterns below are available in 2,000 yard print-run minimums. Forest combat uniform, camo background generated in Photoshop.

Camouflage patterns are mostly made to impress humans. Since camouflage's invention during World War I and extensive use and testing during World War II, military patterns have changed greatly.

We stock a large inventory of Hunting Pattern Camouflage Fabrics, including: Mossy Oak, Realtree, Advantage, Havoc, Superflage, Shadowgrass, Obsession and more. NATO itself uses the term SCAPP: Standard Camouflage Pattern Painting, described in a North Atlantic Council document, Brussels, Feb 1993.

Here are some examples of our Advanced Camo patterns. Camouflage is used in a variety of settings, typically in military and hunting scenarios.

Camouflage Patterns And Camo Info Here is a cute little squid with some nice camouflage patterns. 2718 Camouflage pattern stock photos and images.

A couple of weeks back I posted a collection of free military camouflage patterns, featuring woodland, desert, urban and digital style designs. Realtree Camo Patterns | See Realtree Camouflage swatches and choose the best camouflage pattern for your hunting products.

There are many different hunting camouflage patterns available including Advantage Camo, Mossy Oak Camo, Realtree Camo, Mothwing Camo and much more. Camouflage Patterns And Camo Info Camouflage patterns come in all different types.

There are green and red camouflage patterns. We design highly effective patterns, licensed and used by hundreds of the industry's top manufacturers on their camouflage products.

Download this pack of military camouflage patterns to create infinitely repeating camo backgrounds for your designs. Let’s start out by revisiting the baseline requirement.

This collection of images will give you a good look at what the camo patterns of some popular hunting clothes brands look like in comparison to each other. Patterns may be licensed only with permission.

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