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Titer Speckled Pattern

Her positive ANA titer, speckled ANA pattern, positive dsDNA antibody titer, and positive U1-RNP ENA screen are consistent with a connective tissue disease. On Avonex ever since along with a LOT of other “symptom management” medications.

If an autoimmunce connective tissue disease is suspected, a repeat ANA is suggested on follow-up visit to determine if the titer is rising. Review The “true speckled” antinuclear antibody (ANA) pattern: its tumultuous history.

1983 Nov; 13(2):155-9. [Semin Arthritis Rheum. Recent test result said: ANA Hep2 Cell, Quantitative Hep-2 cell *40 (NGA40) Titer Hep-2 Pattern Fine speckled Assume this means negative result.

Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) positive, speckled pattern. Autoantibody to DNA leads to The test is reported as a titer and a pattern.

The speckled pattern is found in SLE and other connective tissue diseases, while ANA laboratory reports include a titer (pronounced TY-tur) and a pattern. Best Answer: An ANA of 1:320 is high enough to be seriously considering an autoimmune disease.

The test also showed and anti-nuclear AB titer of 1:80 with a “speckled” ANA pattern. We are rheumatology specialists volunteering to answer your questions on arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus or any rheumatic condition.

My 4 y/o daughter had blood work come back with an ANA titer of 1:640 and we are scared to death of what this means for the future of a beautiful, healthy girl. For example: Sample 12345: ANA positive, speckled, titer: 1:640.If more than one pattern is present all patterns are reported along with their respective endpoints.

Question: A few years ago I had an FANA titer of 1:320, speckled pattern. Rheumatology Image Bank:The speckled pattern of nuclear fluorescence has fine speckles in the nucleus.

ANA reports include a titer (number) and a pattern. My ANA titer in December was very weak at 1:40 with speckled pattern to now being 1:320. I also have had joint pain, rash on upper torso and fatigue for 17 months.

Someone with a collagen vascular disease may have an elevated ANA titer. I currently have a ANA titer of <1:320 Speckled pattern.

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