March 6, 2012 at 6:41 am

Whack And Stack Quilt Pattern

Making a Stack-n-Whack quilt is pretty much like making any other kind of quilt. Y'all may stop snickering at the quilt name it's perfectly legitimate.

12 new Stack-n-Whack™ quilt patterns using three simple methods: Same easy-to-follow format and charts as Magic Stack-n-Whack. The great thing about the Stack-N-Whack technique is that it makes it possible to create a quilt without following a printed pattern.

Stack the eight identical pieces of fabric on top of each other. Stack and Whack! This quilt was made using a 'Stack-n-Whack' method! I think it is just awesome.

What made you choose the pattern? My sister made me choose the pattern for my first quilt. Quilt designer and guest Bethany Reynolds joins host Alex Anderson to show how to make Kaleidoscope quilts using the Stack-n-Whack technique.

A selection of Stack-n-Whack® quilt patterns from Bethany Reynolds. Hexagon Kaleidoscope Table Runner Pattern.

Layering and cutting multiple pieces are the hallmark of Bethany's process. These quilts work best with large scale fabric, even ugly fabrics can be used to create a gorgeous quilt.

com/magic-stack-and-whack-quilting-book I am wanting to make a quilt. Shelley does not have a picture of the second Stack ‘N Whack quilt, but the main fabric used is the pink fabric shown here.

The originator of this highly successful quilting technique, "Stack-n-Whack®", she also publishes her own quilt patterns as part of BSR Designs. Finally finished the stack-and-whack quilt! The top doesn’t quite lay flat, and there are My first attempt at a “stack and whack” pattern.

The Quilting Gallery features free patterns, tutorials, tips and techniques, videos, guest bloggers, swaps, contests and fabulous photos of finished quilts. It’s always fun to learn a new quilting technique.

Try your hand at stack and whack quilting. I have owned this piece of fabric for quite some time but never seemed to find the appropriate pattern that would bring out its beauty.

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